Revival in Indonesia

Three boxes arrived in our hallway.  A pentecostal church near us was having a clearout of its library.  The pastor knew me well, and clearly they had decided I would like to have their books.  So I began to sift through them.  I have thrown out half of them and I have only read about a quarter of the rest.


It took me a couple of years before I got to ‘The Revival in Indonesia’ by Kurt Koch.  It was written in the early 1970s.  It was a bit like reading a JRR Tolkein book. It describes a world similar in one sense, but also unlike the one we live in. I have never read a book before written in such a cool, matter-of-fact way about such radical stuff. The miracles range from physical healings to water-into-wine. Indonesia abounds with witchcraft and sorcery, and there are many and varied cases of people confessing to occult involvement and being delivered from demons as part of their conversion to Christ.


So how does this relate to my journey thus far?  Well, the book opened my eyes to something.  My experience of church life is limited.  The miraculous exists. Unclean spirits are around.  I did not see this book as a solution to my problems at this stage, but it set me thinking a little differently.


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