The Day I Preached the Gospel and Bought a Book

It would be wrong to think I was ineffective for Christ.  I often went a few weeks without being affected by pornography.  I had a reasonably good walk with the Lord at these times, sensed the presence of the Holy Spirit, enjoyed scripture and prayer, worked faithfully, loved my family and served happily in my local church.

I would also go into town sometimes on a Saturday and share my faith with groups of youngsters who were hanging around, or people who were giving out leaflets and hand out tracts.  I had just finished doing this one day and thought I would call in at the local Christian bookshop.

I almost never have the time to browse through books. I wanted to buy something. I like Derek Prince, having seen him speak a couple of times a number of years ago and also read some of his books. There was a small, interesting looking book by him for about £7. I was about to get it when I saw a more expensive one – £8 – but more than double the size. Its title? ‘They shall cast out demons’! What a provocative title! I decided to part with the extra £1.

Now I had been wary of this subject for many years.  Over 20 years ago some ‘amateurs’ had it in their mind that I had demons and had a try at casting them out.  I think they failed.  But I’m not really sure.  It was a bizarre experience.  My conclusion from it was that unless they manifest themselves, demons do not need to be sought, addressed or expelled.  Also that a committed, spirit filled Christian cannot be demon possessed – oppressed perhaps, but not possessed.  My commitment from then on was to focus on the Word – find out my position in Christ according to the scriptures.  I found this approach very helpful indeed.  I overcome depression, fear, cowardice, doubt and some sinful patterns of behaviour by doing this.  I became more and more a person of the word and it really worked for me.  Any idea of being delivered from demons had been far from my mind for many years.

This book presented an interesting challenge to me.  I respected Derek Prince.  Was he ‘over the top’ in this area, or had I got it wrong all these years?



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