This video may help some, but it didn’t help me!

At this point in my story, I watched this on You Tube.

I’m really pleased for this young lad, and for those he has helped maybe someone who reads this blog will be helped by it as well. He says a lot of really good things.

So why didn’t it help me?

I can honestly say that I did enjoy the presence of the Lord in my life. I’m serious! I was faithful in prayer, Bible study – I know my Bible better than most. I enjoyed the Lord’s presence.

For me, the problem seemed to run deeper than simply not finding satisfaction in the Lord. There are many Christians out there who are burdened with (for example) depression or worry even though they have a good walk with the Lord.

It is easy to fall into the trap (as I think this young man has) of saying ‘this is what helped me, so this is the only thing that can help you’. That is why I am reluctant to dismiss being accountable to others (after all, we need each other!!!), using internet filters (shouldn’t we avoid things that lead us into sin?), as this video does.

People are complex creatures, and if we are wise, we will realise that what works with one does not necessarily work with another.


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