Derek Prince’s book explained how to carry out self-deliverance, something that Derek Prince himself successfully carried out to overcome depression. I decided to have a go.


I had to wait for an opportune time. I didn’t want to appear foolish. I waited for a quiet moment when everyone was out of the house and I began to confess my sins all over again, renounce them and tell the spirits of lust to leave in the name of Jesus. I did a fair amount of shaking along the way and actually felt cleansed at the end of it.


What actually happened I don’t know. Maybe it was spiritual. Maybe it was psychological. I wouldn’t even waste time arguing with anyone over it. All I know is, it appeared to work and a victory seemed to have been won…. for a few weeks! Then I fell into temptation again. Another defeat!


This time however, I was not in complete despair. When the need for deliverance is particularly strong, sometimes self-deliverance is not effective. We have the body of Christ for a reason. Surely, all I needed to do was to find someone who believed in and practiced this form of ministry. But where do I look?


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