On more than one occasion I had heard people mention an organisation called Ellel Ministries and they had benefited from their approach. I decided to check them out. Looking at their website and listening to teaching clips, I was happy. They were Bible-based, charismatic, effective as far as I could see. The only slight misgiving I had was their counselling method which at least in part consists of seeking root causes of problems in past experiences.

Again, I had been wary of this. I believed that if you trust in Christ’s blood, his finished work on the cross and focus on who you are in Christ, you don’t need to ‘delve’ into your past experiences. Surely, our old self has been crucified with Christ. Why go into our past? I was at a point now however where I just had to trust that they knew what they were doing. Also, I have been to just about every type of Christian meeting imaginable and I’m not afraid of having to deal with weird stuff.

One of the points made in their publicity intrigued me.  It differentiated between ‘sins’ – deliberate disobedience and ‘wounds’ – hurts that affect us causing a vice or an addiction.

The point is this.  Some have sins and seek ‘inner healing’ or deliverance, which is of course inappropriate.  But is there another side to this?  Do some seek repentance and fail becausethey actually need to be healed and/or delivered?


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