Healing Retreat


Time to give them a shot! Ellel do ‘Healing Retreats’.  They’re free provided you can get there.

I got some information and discovered you have to ring them to apply for a healing retreat.  This was tricky in a way.  Was some receptionist going to ask me personal questions?  I rang anyway.  She didn’t.  But I have to complete some details on a form and there were some searching questions.  There is a waiting list of several months for healing retreats, unless you can get in through a cancellation.

I waited, prepared to wait about 5 or 6 months.  Sooner than I expected, they rang me inviting me to a weekend, much earlier than I was due to go.  They had had a cancellation!  In the days leading up, I spent some time seeking God’s guidance, asking the Holy Spirit to show me areas of trauma and unforgiveness from the past. Whenever something came to mind, I simply brought it openly before the Lord, asking for His release.  And a few things did come to mind.



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