Counseling: School Nurse

The school nurse took liberties.  

I had eczema from birth, and it affected me throughout childhood.  At the age of about twelve, in secondary school, I had an appointment to see the school nurse.  The subject of eczema came up and she asked to examine me.  I’m not quite sure why this was an issue for the school nurse, as the family doctor was already prescribing treatments.  I explained to her that the eczema was around my hands and legs.  She said to me, “Take your things off”.  I remember the specific words.  I was now confused, and too shy to ask what she meant.  Did she want me to strip completely naked, or just partially?  In the event, I stripped as far as my underpants.  Her examination consisted in her running her hands in a circular motion from my tummy downwards towards my private parts.  Although she stopped short of touching my genitals, she went far enough down for me to think she had gone far too far.  Why did she even need to examine me like this?

I never told anyone about this until my counselling session.  I subsequently told my wife who had been a professional nurse.  She said that the school nurse was definitely behaving inappropriately.

To this day, I don’t know whether this affected me in any way or not.  But it was one of the humiliating experiences that happened to me at that stage in my life.


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