Did it Work?

Other things were discussed and prayed through, but these humiliating experiences struck me the most strongly. The sessions contained nothing too dramatic, noisy or crazy. I’m not aware that anything spiritual manifested itself in me. Having said that main guy who counselled me commanded demons to leave, and I did a lot of shaking. There were other more conventional types of prayer.  I had read in the New Testament of dramatic deliverances from demonic powers, especially the experience of ‘Legion’ in Mark 5:1-20.  I have heard of similar things in modern times too.  Nothing like that happened with me, and I’m pleased really.

So were these shameful experiences at the root of my problems with pornography? I am now convinced that they were. It was difficult at the time to say with confidence that I had been released from my addiction. But I definitely did feel cleansed, released in some way. Only time would tell.